One Week On Nutrisystem

Well, it has been a week (10 days to be exact) that I have
been on Nutrisystem... I thought it would be hard to eat
my dinner while my family ate theirs, but it hasn't. It
hasn't even been a chore to prepare two meals...

The Nutrisystem food is all microwaveable, and I like
the food I have eaten so far. And, I can honestly say that
I haven't been hungry at all... OK a little tempted by the
Little Debbie cakes my kids eat for dessert some nights,
but I... must... be.... strong.... :)

In 10 days I have lost 5.2 lbs! That is enough for me to
sit up and take notice. I have even been eating normal
food on the weekend. But I find, that even after just 10
days I have changed the way I eat "normal" food...

So, all in all I am very pleased with the program. It is a
bit pricey... I did the autoship program: 28 days of food,
plus one week free, shipped free for around $180.00.
Plus if I don't eat it during the weekend, that food will
last longer. With my hubby getting ready to leave for
4 months, I can definitely fit this in the food budget as I
will only be buying food for the kids and stuff like milk,
fruit, cheese, etc...

I am going to try and stick with this for a while, and
hopefully those 35 lbs. will be gone by the time Dave
gets home! :)



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