Converting 8mm Film to DVD

If you have or shoot home videos - this site is a gem! As a scrapbooker, I am REALLY big on memories and historical preservation. Do you have family videos and films just lying around collecting dust? If these videos are just sitting in a box in your attic - what is that doing to the image quality?

Video Conversion Experts offers a wonderful service. They can convert your 8mm film to dvd. They can also convert many different film formats onto DVD - preserving those priceless moments to a safe format for storage.

Not only do they do film transfer, they also do full film restoration. So not only will your memories be preserved, they will often look much better than the originals.

You could probably do the transfer yourself, if you invest in the right equipment (which can be a significant outlay), but restoration is best left up to the experts.

Video Conversion Experts offers many levels of service at many different price points. So even if you only choose to do that aging wedding video, rest assured that the job will be done right and be preserved for posterity.

So if you need to
convert 8mm film to dvd or any other film format for that matter, this site is well worth the look.


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