The Exit Store

I have been doing lots of site reviews lately for niche sites. I have come across some neat and interesting sites that cater to certain services and needs. The Exit Store is one such site. If you are looking for emergency lights, emergency signs, and other specialty emergency lighting needs – this is the site you need. I can’t imagine needing such lighting, so I couldn’t even begin to think about where to find it. But apparently, this site has LOTS of it.

When I am in a store or place of business I usually see these emergency exit signs, but don’t usually take much notice of such emergency lighting. It is extremely important though.

My husband worked at the Pentagon from 2002 – 2005. I remember when he was first assigned there, they were rebuilding of the section of the Pentagon that was affected by the terrorist attacks of September 11th. I remember being told that one of the first things they added were special emergency lights on the ground to help those inside find the exits. The light strips are almost indestructible. This site sells such lighting.

The site has lots of specialty emergency lights – they even have braille exit signs. So, even if you aren’t really in the market for such signing, this site might be worth a visit to acquaint yourself with the numerous types there are out there.


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