Love Impossible... Twilight Prizes!

I absolutely love the Twilight Saga... What do I love more?

Twilight prizes! :)

Love Impossible is a cool website dedicated to such forbidden romance with the undead...

Those who haven't read Twilight really should give it a try. I was one of those who just didn't get the mania.

Until I read it.

And the rest of the saga.

Within ONE week.

And then I understood. :)

This site has lots of reviews on vampire and time travel romance books and movies. They have a contest going on right now too. You can win one of these great prizes:

* Twilight on DVD - Preordered and sent to you via
* Your choice of any vampire romance book on their site, shipped to you.
* Twilight Bella Inspired Swarovski Crystal CLEAR Heart Pewter Wolf Apple Clasp Bracelet courtesy of Jeweled Ambrosia

You can get the details on how to enter here.

I am normally not a very girly girl when it comes to my literary choices (I like James Patterson and Tom Clancy usually), and except those erotic trashy ebooks I read from time to time on my Palm TX (OMG did I just admit that out loud??) these are my only "indulgence"... Looks like there are lots of Vampire romance books out there - who knew??

Good luck!


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