Getting Fit and Healthy in 2010

Here it is, January of the new year almost over and I have slowly been working towards my fitness goals for the new year.  At first, I told myself I wasn’t going to make any new year’s resolutions this year, and in a way I haven’t.  I really hate calling them that because I don’t have a great track record at keeping them!  Getting myself back into shape is always at the top of my goals list no matter what time of year it is.
However this post at Twittermoms really got me thinking (i.e. feeling guilty) about being kinda lax about setting specific goals for myself this year.  So, I am going to sit here and hash them out.  “On paper”.  This way I can hold myself accountable.  So…

These are my top 5 goals for getting fit and healthy in 2010:

1.  I need to set myself up on a CONSISTENT workout schedule. This is number one.  In my crazy day, my workout will ALWAYS be the first thing to get cut from my To-Do list.  I have to stop doing this.  I need to make time for my workouts instead of just squeezing them in here and there.

2.  I also need to be able to track my workouts in a consistent manner so that I can see (and be motivated) by my progress.  Consistently.  I see a pattern here.  I need to be consistent. I know this goal will keep me motivated.

3.  Eat out less.  We usually eat out once a week.  It is almost never a salad that I order.  It is usually something like pasta, bread, beer.  Yikes.  I need to east out less.  A lot less.  I can't be trusted to order a taco salad at a Mexican restaurant so it's best I not go so much.

4.  Focus on strength.  I really want to get buff.  Not like Lou Ferrigno buff, but I want to be proud to wear a tank top with nice, defined biceps.  I did it before, I can do it again.

5.  TAKE CONTROL of what I put in my mouth.  Take control and be accountable – even if this means I have to carry around a notebook in my purse and keep a food journal.  This worked for me before – I just got lazy about it.  For a few years.  Yikes.

You know what I really want?  This:

I REALLY REALLY want to get this Your Shape Wii Game.  I think this awesome tool could really help me with goals 1, 2, and 4.  I love that it has a video camera that projects you doing the exercises on the TV.  It is like having your own personal trainer!  Being the techie geek  that I am, if it is an electronic way to keep my workouts on track, I know I will use it (and have fun doing so).

Any tools I can use to help me are well worth it - I need all the help I can get!  Wish me luck!


Rebecca Ingham (Iowagirl69) said...

I can see that you are at least motivated to reach your goals. I've come to realize that we moms really do need to put ourselves first, at least some of the time, so we can be better to those that we love.
I haven't tried that game yet, but it does look fun. The Biggest Loser game, EA Active & Wii Fit 2 are really good to.
I'd love to help you reach your goals, if you'd like. Please feel free to ask!

Elena said...

Thanks Rebecca! I have Wii Fit 1 and really like it. I have heard that The Biggest Loser is lots of fun too. Thanks so much for your encouragement - isn't it crazy how those lbs just sneak up on a girl??

Kat said...

I love my Wii, too! With it plus the incredible weight loss products from Xocai - 100% natural and healthy chocolate and energy drink - I will lose another 20 pounds no sweat. I already lost 12 without trying! and over the holidays and our free chocolate cruise, I at least didn't gain any back!

Elena said...

That is awesome Kat - congrats on your weight loss! :)

Rebecca Ingham (Iowagirl69) said...

I've noticed that too, the lbs creeping on. Especially this winter! Something about being stuck in the house because of another snow storm really make me crave the junk food. I started P90X this past week though, so planning to be all ready for the swim suit, once all the snow finally melts!

Elena said...

That is awesome Rebecca! I did P90X with my hubby - OMG that stuff is NO JOKE. I need to get back into it - seriously! :)

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