I am a Mom of a 3 year old and sometimes take for granted just
how amazing he is... Have you ever just sat down and watched
your child a minute? I mean really watched them?

I was sitting in my scrapbook room cleaning up and got a glimpse
of my son Derek helping out. He loves to be in that room with me.
As I watched him, I saw that he was mimicking me as I was
putting things away. I love watching that stern concentration
etched on his face. He is so precious.

He stops what he is doing and asks the silliest question: "Mom.
Can I ask you a question?" (I swear these are his words, God
love him, he has been saying the word "actually" in context since
he was about 2 and a half).

"Yes", I say.

"Where do foxes live?"

"In the forest", I say.

"Can I pet them?"

"No honey, they are wild animals. You can't pet them."

"Will they bite me?"

"Yes, honey they bite".

And this conversation goes on for a couple minutes. It makes me
giddy in my heart, though I am seriously chatting with him in his
eyes. I love moments like these during my day. It makes me truly
realize the wonder in which he sees his world. It also reminds me
to be sure and take time out to share that innocence with him
every day...




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