I have like 62 blogs going and none for my personal everyday
thoughts! Hence, Blogging Mom Central was born. My best
friend Christi started her own personal blog as well:


She was the actual inspiration behind me starting this one.
Between her and I, I swear we could write our own child rearing
self help book! LOL

My other blogs are more "professional" in nature:

Work at Home: http://www.mommysblog.com
Scrapbooking: http://www.scrappersjournal.com
Our Family Site: http://www.thebedners.com

I guess I could have put personal thoughts on our family site,
but my family members might think I am a bit loco and might
not want to read my innermost rants. LOL

So I will subject you poor souls to my daily (or weekly) diary...

Thanks for reading!



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