I am going to miss him...

I am starting to think more and more about Dave's
deployment... I know, I know... He leaves in January.
But that isn't as far off as one would think.

I was looking at him in bed last night thinking:

"I am going to miss this..."

I can never sleep well when he is not here. I am going to
be in for a very sleepless 4 months I guess...

I am going to miss his smell. I know that sounds kooky,
but he smells good. He smells manly and wonderful. It is
comforting to me. I wish we could bottle that smell and
maybe I wouldn't miss him so much. Maybe.

The kids are going to miss him too. Especially Derek.
There are times when only his Daddy will do. This is
going to be his first experience with Daddy being away
so long. I am going to have to explain why Daddy is gone
and where he is every night at bedtime. It is going to be
a long four months for him.

I just hope it will only be four months...

I am going to drink in every waking moment I have
with him until the day he leaves...


EKENYERENGOZI Michael Chima said...

Because you love him.
For true love is a spiritual communion of the heart and soul.

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