Been in a Blogging Funk...


I haven't posted anything in quite a while... Not much to
report here lately. Been busy with Thanksgiving travel,
getting ready for Christmas, getting over this cold...

I love the holidays, but Dave's impending deployment in
January kinda has me down... He was issued his desert
camo gear yesterday. It gave me bad memories just
seeing it in the house. I keep telling myself that at least
we have the holidays. And then I think about taking
care of the house, cars, two kids, two dogs, work, and
everything else here all by myself. Oooh let the fun

Of course I hold all this ire in (it feels good to write it all
out here though) and try and be "Positive Mommy"
here on the homefront. I am sure you will read more of
it here in the next 5 months...

So here I am sick as anything, baking cookies with the
kids, Christmas shopping, and getting ready for our
trip to Florida.

All in a day's work I guess...


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