My Saturday Morning...

** My Saturday Morning **

Ok so it is afternoon...

I haven't published in here in a while - what a disgrace I am! :)

I should be doing writing of another sort right now. but I am
not feeling compelled to finish my Research Paper at this
moment. I am sure I will be paying for later tonight when I
am scurrying to get it done. It is due by midnight.


So here I sit. Ebay boxes all around me. I am needing to get
all this extra stuff Ebayed to pay for the AWESOME tool that
my hubby supported me in getting.

Yes my friends, that Elusive Wishblade is mine. I got an
awesome deal on it on Ebay, so it will be here in about two
weeks, with extra fonts and shapes and all.

(Thanks for trying to be the voice of reason Blog Muse, but
you know my penchant for shopping was just to great that
day. The force is strong in this one... LOL

Well, I better get going. Lots of Ebaying to do, work to finish,
oh and yeah. A paper to write...




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