Scrapbooking More...

Hey everyone...

I am on a firm resolve to:

1. Scrapbook More
2. Blog about my layouts.

I have a scrapbooking blog, but it is more of a
"professional" commentary type one. So - you all will be
forced to look at my layouts and hear me ramble about
them... :)

The one above is my most recent. It is about a trip
Dave took me on for Valentine's Day this year. I used
a Storyteller's Club Kit.

I am contemplating joining up again, but I REALLY
have to stop spending so much on scrapbooking supplies.
I should get my wishblade next week (yeah!), so
hopefully I can start designing more stuff and make
money to support this hobby! :)

Today, I am working on another paper bag album, and
my circle journal that I am supposed to mail out next

I REALLY need to be working on some LAUNDRY.




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