Can You Believe???

Can you believe that it is MARCH already? What the??? That
adage about time going by faster as you get older is sooo true.

I think my mind still thinks it is January. I am in "What am I
going to accomplish this year?" mode. Well my mind better
get it in gear - the first two months of the year are already
OVER. Sheeeesh.

I am so looking forward to a vacation already! LOL We have
one planned for when the kids are on Spring Break, so at least
we have that to look forward to. We are going on a weeklong
family cruise with our Tax Return - yay! At least I got that

Work has me hopping so I better get going....


Anonymous said...

Guurrl, it's April already. Time to update. ;)

Garden Gnome said...

Yep, it's April almost mid April and we still have snow flurries! Two little ones will keep you hopping especially this time of year.

Garden Gnome

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