Awesome Kitchen Equipment

If you know me, you know I love to cook... Once we
retire from our nomadic Air Force life, I can't wait to
outfit my kitchen. I mean REALLY outfit my kitchen.

So humor me while I dream a little bit here... :)

The latest trend seems to be commercial grade
equipment in home kitchens. I don't think it is cool
because it is trendy, I think it is amazing to have these
super duty items at home. If you can afford
restaurant quality equipment - why not?

My dear hubby thinks I am crazy, but I soooo want a
commercial (or near commercial) ice machine in our
kitchen... Here are some cool commercial ice machines.
Now, some of these are huge honking ice machines - I
don't think I need one THAT big. But a countertop
model would be soo cool. OK, so it might make my
kitchen look like McDonald's... So maybe a not so
big one will do... :)

Another great commercial appliance I would love to
have is Commercial refrigeration. There's nothing like
a HUGE subzero built-in... This is definitely not your
Mom's fridge. They are huge - great if you entertain
frequently. However, they carry a hefty price tag -
easily triple what you would normally pay for a

I would also LOVE a commercial stovetop. But we'll
need a new house to fit all this restaurant quality
equipment! So a commercial kitchen is probably not in my
future... But it sure is fun to point out the equipment
and watch my hubby go, "They want HOW MUCH?"

I will do my poor hubby a favor and stop
just short of the restaurant furniture.... :)


cube said...

Oh, that sounds wonderful to me, especially the fridge. I watch these cooking shows on Food Network and I find myself almost salivating over the seemingly endless room in their fridges.

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