Cute Shoe Store!

For those that know me, you know that I have an
insatiable handbag fetish. LOL It is downright ugly.
My husband knows this - such a good man.

I have an affinity for shoes too! Maybe not as bad as
my handbag addiction, but close. :)

This site has the CUTEST shoes! They carry Sugar Shoes.
You know - those boots that all those girls are wearing
with everything from dresses to their PJ's? They are
kind of like Uggs, but more Urban and sooo cute! Man,
if I were 10 years younger I would be sporting these.
LOL I couldn't pass these off at my age in Wyoming....

They also have those Crocs Shoes, which to me personally
are butt ugly. But I have friends who swear by them.
They say they are comfy as all get out, but I guess I will
stick to my Nike Air Rifts for comfort... :)

They also carry Jump Shoes. Very very cute. Again, for
the younger set. They have the funkiest casual wedges I
have ever seen! You thiry-somethings in Manhattan or
Boston and places like that are SOOOO lucky you can
wear these. :)

What a Pair also carries lots of other great brands like
Chinese Laundry, Penny Loves Kenny, Jessica Simpson,
and Steve Madden. They even have specials as low as

I wonder if they have these in my size?? Oh yeah. And
they carry handbags too. Crap. $$$ :)


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