Professional Photos & Headshots...

This is for those who work in internet marketing and
other online business ventures:

Are you involved in marketing groups and affiliations?
If so, do you have a profile and photo posted with those
organizations? What does it look like? Is it a professional
looking photo, or a candid shot? Is it a shot of you with
other things cropped out of the background?

A professional photograph used in your profile should be
professional. It should have a blank background, and a
professional pose. This photo is going to be the first
impression of you and your business. The more
professional, the better.

You can often take, or have someone take your own.
However, for a REALLY nice photo, it sometimes pays
to have a professional photographer take it.

An example of a really professional and classy photo
service is Dallas photographer Mark Oristano. His
photography is very professional.

If you look at the website for his Dallas headshots
you can see how his use of background, lighting, and
mood set the tone for his headshots. You can see his
portfolio of work is outstanding and very professional.
A photographer with a portfolio like his would be a
great choice if you are in the market for a professional
photograph. He has much experience with taking
executive photos.

In a nutshell, if you choose to go with a professional
photographer be sure to look over their credentials,
their portfolio, and discuss with them your needs and
your budget. Whether you choose to take your own,
or go with a professional photographer, the photo
should tell who you are and show your

Do you have a local photographer that you swear by?
I would love to hear about them...


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