Giants are in the Superbowl & we made the Website!

And we couldn't be more happy!

My DH was looking on the Giants' Website a couple weeks ago when they made the playoffs and saw a photo of a familiar scene.

He remembered those "Win and In" towels that everyone was waving and thought, "Hey! We were at that game..."... We bought season tickets off of Ebay in 2002 (we lived in Washington, DC then) and had gone to this game... The kids stayed with Grandma in CT, and we drove down to Jersey and froze our butts off - it was December 28, 2002. The playoff berth between the Giants and the Eagles...

Then he looked at the photo harder and said, "That's US!"... Yep! We made the very corner of the photo:

And then we sent it to pretty much everyone we knew... LOL It was a great game. We left early to beat the traffic and could have KICKED ourselves. We missed Matt Bryant's game winning 39 yard field goal in overtime (though we heard it on the radio and nearly wrecked the car)... But I guess had we stayed we still might have been waiting to get on the freeway right about now... :D


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