All Mums - New Parenting Website

I love visiting all kinds of pregnancy, parenting and Mommy sites. I love to interact and network with Moms from all across the globe. It is interesting to read about (add relate to) their experiences. It has also been so beneficial to read about and learn from their tips. I found a great social networking site of sorts for Moms and Moms-to-be. It is a great place to talk about raising children of all ages. Moms come together at this site to share their experiences. There is even a place to share photos.

All Mums is a UK based site. However, it is a valuable place to visit even if you are not in the UK as motherhood is universal. Whether your child is a newborn, going to nursery (preschool), school-aged, or a teenager, there are many resources on this site to discover.

The site is relatively new. There are plans for sections for shopping, health, childcare, career and finance, home and garden, and much more! Getting in early on a budding social networking site is wonderful too. There is a sense of community there that you can join in on before the site gets super active. It will be really neat to see this site grow in the coming future.

So give it a visit. Introduce yourself and join the community. It looks to be a very promising resource.


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