Black Friday Anyone?

Wow... This is the first year in a loooong time that I am not participating in the madness called Black Friday. Not necessarily because of the current economic climate or anything (I wonder if that is going to affect today's sales greatly?), but because I AM ALREADY DONE WITH MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING.

I can't even believe it myself!

I usually start shopping in June or July, but I got a really late start this year (September). I got done with the kids' presents (and my husband's) around the beginning of November and all that is left is giftcards for all my out of state family. I promised myself that this year we were going to to checks and giftcards because last year we spent $300 on POSTAGE. Dang.

So here I sit contemplating starting my Christmas cards (which I really should have started in October - ooops). I make them with my scrapbooking supplies and my immediate family has come to expect them handmade. LOL

But I also have a 6 page paper due on Sunday.

Dilemma. I guess I could just sit here and blog or twitter all day...

Better not though. ;)


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