Top 5 Tips: Making Sure Kids Get the Nutrition They Need...

This was a challenging subject to blog about - especially since one of my kiddos is the pickiest eater ever. Here are my 5 tips for making sure my kids get the vitamins and minerals they need for strong bones:

1. Make sure they take a multi-vitamin daily. They take good old fashioned Flintstones vitamins. Not very sophisticated I know... But they like it and it gets the job done.

2. Make sure they get outside. Since I am not going to put my beloved sons in a tanning bed (LOL) I try and get them outside in the sunshine as much as possible to soak up that Vitamin D. Every little bit helps right?

3. I make sure their meals aren't missing vibrant colors... Green veggies, yellow veggies, orange & veggies... Sometimes a balanced meal can be achieved just by looking at the plate. If there is too much brown or white, then chances are there aren't enough veggies on the plate.

4. I HIDE veggies in things whenever I can. I have a recipe here somewhere for ZUCCHINI brownies. Yes. zucchini. And they are delicious! I will have to find it and post it...

5. I make sure they get enough dairy for the day. I can't drink milk (ooooh my aching stomach) too much so I try and take a calcium supplement. I also buy vitamin D fortified orange juice.

I would love to hear your tips for making sure your kids are getting adequate vitamins and minerals. Feel free to leave a comment!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Elena,
My daughter is The pickiest eater and only eats about 5 things. She has a texture problem so if I try to sneak veggies in, she will spit them out. This is one of her disorders; so if for example a pea pops in her mouth she spits it out. Her favorite thing is cheese: slices, pizza. mac and cheese. At school she is more apt to try foods at snack time when those few parents bring in more than junk food. So she does not eat any greens at all and for fruit will eat bananas and oranges. She will eat raw baby carrots with dip; so one tip I have is make the food fun. Another example is cutting up an apple and putting a little carmel to dip it in.

We work to get protein in her for her brain, and she does drink grape juice (with water mixed) daily, milk and her cheese will get her calcium, but I do worry about veggies and other vitamins and nutrients. Luckily she is back on the weight chart.

I would love some more tips!

Annette Rose

Elena said...

Hey Annette! My son is definitely a texture eater too. He has the same food groups he likes too: Mac n' Cheese, chicken nuggets, pizza... He will eat yogurt though and certain fruits. He is just now getting to where he'll eat green beans and broccoli - so hopefully this is just something he will grow out of? In the meantime, I have to give him vitamins. Dinner time can be very frustrating sometimes...

Erica said...


I'm blessed that my child eats almost anything I put on her plate (she's even eaten asparagus). I'd still love the recipe for zucchini brownines though.


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