Weekend Happenings...

This is the first weekend in a long time that we haven't had any plans to do anything... It feels soooo nice. So today, I plan on finishing my homework, cleaning house a little, posting a mini album project I did on my sister Scrapbooking Blog, and then maybe doing some scrapping myself. Right now I am drinking coffee and listening to silence as the family is still sleeping...

As for yesterday's rant, all is alright in our household. It just kinda blew over when he got home from work. I know you are supposed to talk things out, and all that... But I just didn't feel like fighting anymore. You gotta pick your battles. Ah the dynamics of marriage. :)

The photo shoot went really fast yesterday. The photographer was great and I feel like we probably got some great shots there. I guess we'll see (and see what the damage is) next month when the proofs come back. Maybe we should have just got them done at Wal Mart?? I wish we had a Picture People here. That place is awesome. Also kinda pricey, but they take great photos. And you get them in an hour... :)

Anyway, the weekend is wide open so we'll see where it goes. What are your plans this weekend?


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