About Me

This blog  is an online personal diary of my life and times.  My name is Elena and I am a military wife and Mom to two boys.  I am practically slipping around in all the testosterone over here - even our dog is male.  So if I make little sense or sound kinda goofy, forgive me - I may have taken a spill that day and bumped my head!

I have been married to my husband David (a Master Sergeant in the US Air Force) for almost fourteen wonderful years now.  Our life together is not always easy, is in some ways pretty simple, is never really glamorous,  but is always fun.  I wouldn't have it any other way. 

These are the everyday adventures of us: A Dad, Mom, their two boys, and their dog.  Yes it is a zoo over here...  I am so happy you stopped by.

                                                       Much Love,
P.S. - Please leave comments - I welcome the adult conversation!  :)      

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