At A Crossroads?

Do you ever feel like you are at a crossroads in your life?  Do you feel like there are so many options open to you and that your whole future hinges on important choices you need to make right now?  This is what I have been feeling since the new year.  Actually, I have been feeling this since this last military move last October.  My kids are getting older (one is in 2nd grade, the other is in 8th) and my husband's military career are winding down.  I really love what I do right now (and I will still continue to manage, but I feel like I need a little more.  I need to figure out what I want out of my life.  My family life is wonderful and I wouldn't change a thing.  However, as a woman and a mother I am always wondering the age-old question:

"What kind of career do I want to pursue?"

Part of me likes the fact that I am a stay at home Mom.  I like being there when my kids get home.  I like being at the ready to help with homework, or get them ready for their baseball/football/whatever sport they are playing at the time.  However, another part of me misses being a part of the workforce.  Being a professional out there in career-land.  I used to be the "go-to girl" at the office.

I was in transition for a while...  I had been pursuing my Bachelor's Degree.  I graduated last August, and now I am trying to find a job to use said degree.  This is probably one of the worse times in history to be looking for a job, much less a career change - especially when the last career on your resume is "shuttling kids to baseball".  OK that's not really what I listed, but still. 

A friend and I are going to a career fair this week.  I am both excited and mortified.  I know I am competent, intelligent, and proficient at many different skills, but I still feel very under qualified.  That feeling really sucks.

I will keep you posted how the job fair goes...


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