Love to Read on the Go? Win a Sony Reader at Military Wife's Mayhem

I love to read.  I will read anything.  fiction, non-fiction, newspapers, textbooks, instruction manuals...  If it has the printed word, I will read it.  I love books.  I definitely get this love from my Dad (all hail his floor to ceiling computer room library).  Normally, my wonderful David is supportive of my interests.  This last move however, we were about 1000 lbs over our allotted weight.  Books aren't light.  So, I have really looked into starting to read more ebooks.  A handheld ereader would be AWESOME.

Vanessa at A Military Wife's Mayhem did a great review of the Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition.  What a handy little gadget.  It holds 350 books in a light little hand held package, with the capacity to store more with the purchase of memory sticks.  And even better?  She has partnered with Borders to generously give one away to a fellow military wife/active duty military member!  So if you are a military wife or active duty military member, click the link below to win yourself one!

Enter To Win a Sony Reader

Thanks Vanessa!


Vintage Knit Crochet said...

Put the 'next blog' link back ... please. You are ruining many a surfing experience, making us put things into reverse in order to go forward again.

Elena said...

My apologies... I just switched the template and didn't realize it was gone... Fixed. ;)

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