What Happened at the Job Fair

Welp the job fair went like I thought it was going to...  Later in the week I found out that it was manly for those in the Intelligence/Security fields (and those who have a security clearance).  So not really my forte.  My friend Lisa called the Airman Family Readiness Center (the agency who sponsored the job fair) and they said that we should go anyway.  So go we did.

As soon as I walked in, I gave two copies of my resume to a man manning the registration table.  As part of going to the job fair, we got to have our resumes reviewed for free.  I should be getting the results of that review soon.  That in itself probably made the job fair worth it.

We visited most of the booths.  I dropped of my resume at a few, but just talked to people at others.  I probably won't get called back anytime soon for an interview (most of the jobs were in fields I had no experience in), but it was good to get back out there and network.  I visited the University of Phoenix booth.  This is where I got some GREAT information.

It seems that military spouses get $6,000 to go towards higher education under a new program called MyCAA.  I had no idea such a program existed.  I have wanted to pursue my Masters Degree but wasn't sure how I was going to fund it.  This bit of news has pretty much made my mind up.  I just have to find the right school with the right program, and the time (oh yeah the time?!), and this is what I am committing to this year.  Wish me luck!


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