Congrats to the Saints!

My family watched the Super Bowl last night just as many American families did.  Even though I was secretly hoping for Peyton Manning to do well (I am a huge fan of Peyton even though I am a Giants fan and root for his little bro), I was glad to see the Saints get their first Super Bowl win.  Newly transplanted in the Shreveport area, it was really cool to see all the Saints pride during the football season, and to see that pride swell once the Saints made it in to the big game.

The people in this area have been excited to say the least!  All the kids at my youngest son's school wore their Saints pride on Friday.  A neighbor painted a HUGE fleur de lis onto his yard.  There have been flags, banners, and all kinds of decor all over the city.  When we were saying good bye to our guests last night, we had to laugh...  We opened the front door and heard the neighbors hooting and hollering and shooting off fireworks - awesome!

But one of the BEST things about the evening?  This:

We had to rewind this commercial over and over again - we laughed so hard.  The kids laughed so hard.  Even better?  This commercial wasn't made by a high priced, fancy ad agency.  It was made by a regular Joe as part of the Crash the Superbowl Contest by Doritos.  I had no idea, but all the other Doritos ads that aired during the Superbowl were also the contest winners who won cash for their ads - how fun!

Those of you out there with film making skills should get on it for next year!


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