The Shoe On the Other Foot?

You are never going to guess where I am.  Right this minute.  I am in a hotel room far away from my family.  Why?  I am TDY.

Yes.  The military wife has gone TDY. 

It is a strange feeling since I am the one that always stays back home.  I got a new job about two months ago and I have been go go go ever since.  Although I love the job, I really don't like being away from the kids and my hubby...  I have a new appreciation of what he feels like when he is TDY.

He has a new appreciation for what I went through at home as well.

The first TDY was about a week long.  I left Monday morning and came back Friday afternoon.  We talked on the phone constantly and he had everything under control.  It was a funny thing he said to me one night on the phone:

"You did this for 4 MONTHS?"

I addmitedly thought the same of his TDY experience.  I can't imagine being away from our children for 4 months.  They at least keep life interesting and busy.  Those days sometimes feel like they fly by...

Turns out that both sides of a TDY are not as easy as they seem to the other person.  Though we have only a few years left until his military retirement, I will remember these experiences and take them to heart during his next TDY.  He always appreciates my keeping up the homefront, but now it is also nice to know that he knows exactly what that entails...


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