HGTV Dream Home

OK.  Is anyone out there as obsessed with this as I am?

I have been entering the HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes for about as long as they have been doing it.  No lie.  I sent in 100 postcards for the first drawing they did back in 1997 (yes kiddies - that was before we could enter these things en masse by using that brilliant online form).  The 1997 prize was this gorgeous Log Cabin in Jackson Hole, WY.

You want to hear something embarassing?  I entered it because that's where Harrison Ford lives.  And yes, I was entertaining delusions of meeting him and having him fall madly in love with me and living happily ever after in that HGTV log cabin.

Ann if you're out there - I know you remember fueling that madness the way that good friends do.  I think you may have even addressed some of the envelopes.   And for that, I will love you always.  :)

I don't know why I still enter that dang thing.  But still I try -(Side note:  I did not win that log cabin in 1997) definitely not for the same reasons.  I am much happier with Dave than I am sure I would have ever been with Mr. Ford. (No offense Harry.)

Every January 1st I look at that form with giddy anticipation.  I set an Outlook reminder to enter every day (though now days I am lucky to enter a couple times a week), and then I drool over the house on TV and on the website.  Then, I watch as someone else gets awarded the fruit of my labor.  LOL

Oh well, such is life.  It's all in good fun.  And it's free.  Let's see...  What shall I do with a house in Vermont...


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