Numb From It All...

I haven't blogged in a while... So much has happened in
my life, in other's lives...

The hurricane.

The War.

The world in general.

Does anyone else feel this way? Just numb?

I go about my daily life and think often of the people
in those countries, and in our own country who are affected
by hardship, and then I think how my troubles are trivial
in comparison...

I was talking to my husband the other night and a thought
occurred to me:

This country has had it bad these last 5 years...

I mean with everything that has happened - from
September 11th, to the slew of natural disasters, the
war... The economy. Is it me - or are we having a
rough time here?

Things weren't like this when I was a kid - or maybe I
was just oblivious to that...

I am not writing a political rant here... Or looking at
blaming anyone for these events. Just observations...



ckmunson said...

I sometimes feel that way too. There is just so much going on that its amazing how we're not all numb all the time. CKM

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