Started Working Out...

I started to go back into the gym today... Boy did my
body need it!

The base Gym here allows for parents to go into the
"Parent's Room" and work out with their kids - brilliant!
Now I have no excuse... :) So my friend Lisa and I have
been taking the boys there and getting out workout in...
We have gone every day this week! Woo hoo! I sooo
deserve Starbucks this weekend!

I have cut out drinking coffee during the week too.
Sticking with green tea. Takes some getting used to -
maaaan I miss my morning coffee! So, as a reward
for abstaining, I treat myself to Starbucks on the
weekend... Grande Caramel Macchiato here I come! :)

Really though, I have been feeling better since I started
exercising regularly... That first night I felt like someone
put a brick in a sock and beat me with it... But I am
feeling better and less sore every day.

I like it! Now to get a scale... I have no idea where ours
went. I think into the trash during the move... Let's
see what's on Ebay... :)



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