He is Gone...

Dave left last week and we miss him ALOT. Why do the
days go by so slow when you don't want them to?

You know how the weekend always goes by so fast, and
the workweek so slow? The next 114 days or so are
going at a snails pace. :(

We are doing fine, and the kids are getting used to him
not being here. But life sure is just not the same without
him here...

I am still doing great on Nutrisystem. I have lost a total
of 6 and a half pounds so far... And I am only eating the
food during the week. I am still eating sensibly on the
weekend, but am allowing myself a little treat now and
then. Today is day 20.

I am going to the gym around 4 days a week and am
really liking the results so far. My appetite is definitely
smaller - and my pants are looser! :)



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