Good Day Kinda...

I had a good day today... My youngest son was at a
"Kid's Day Out" type thing, and my oldest was at school.
So... I got a morning to myself. I went to the gym and
did 4 miles on the elliptical machine, and then did 30
minutes of weights. I was feeling great and went to
Starbuck's to treat myself to a coffee. I ran some
errands and went home... Wooohoo - my exciting life
in a nutshell... LOL

Me and the kids had a "movie night" and watched some
movies. They made their little fort in their room and
went to bed.

Dave called earlier from a poker party he was at... I
was kinda annoyed - I don't really know why.

Maybe because he called at 11:30PM his time when I
can hardly get him to stay up past 11:00 PM when he
is here. He called again at 1AM still at the party, and
again a slight annoyance on my part.

I know you guys out there are like, "Well be happy
that he called at all...". It is just not like him. He
went straight from work to the NCO Club to shoot
pool, to a bar to shoot more pool, then to a poker
party. It's after 1AM his time and he hasn't even been
home from work yet!

((Sigh)) It just reminds me of a certain EX HUSBAND
who's favorite motto was, 'What goes TDY stays TDY".

I freakin HATE that saying.

And those of you who are saying I shouldn't compare
him to my ex husband - I am not.

You just try and raise 2 kids by yourself while your
husband gets to bar hop, be single and free and see
how chipper your demeanor is...

I mean I am glad that he isn't bored out there... But
please God, don't let this be a recurring thing... I
can't handle that shit again a know?

((sigh)) Thanks for listening...


Miss Cartier said...

I'm annoyed just hearing about it. Boys.. What can you do...

funlearning said...

I feel your misery. My hubby just got back from a long TDY and until this last month he spent every Thursday, Friday and Saturday getting his drink on. It bugged me so much.

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