Summer is Here!

I know I know... Two blog posts in one day? Holy
cow! :) I know for most of the US, summer has
BEEN with you for some time now, but here in
Cheyenne, the summer weather has just hit us. Well,
I think it is here to stay - one can never tell here!

So I have thoughts of Teak Patio Furniture on the
brain - which my hubby won't get because we are
in the military and the thought of moving it gives
him the vapors... LOL So beautiful patio and lawn
pieces live in my head until we are done with our
nomadic lifestyle and retire from the military... No
Patio Umbrellas are in my near future. But i can
still dream about pieces like this:

I can soooo see this in my front yard with flowers on
each side... Or in the backyard under some
Shade Sails... (((sigh)))

Speaking of flowers, I got my roses bushes yesterday.
I had to get four to replace the four I got last year -
they didn't survive the cold Cheyenne winter (sniff).
Does anyone have tips on how to get roses to some
through the winter? I would appreciate it! :)

I ended up getting two Europeana (deep red) and
two Eurka (yellow). They don't have blooms on them
yet but they are really healthy and pretty... I will be
sure to take pictures once they are planted.

Speaking of which, I better get out there and going.
It is a beautiful sunny day here, and I still need to go
out and find more flowers for the planters near the
front door...


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