Babies on the Brain

Not me mind you... But I have a friend who was wanting
to have a baby with her hubby. Both she and her new
husband had been married before. The only thing was -
her new husband had a vasectomy...

So - she set out to find out if there was such a thing as
vasectomy reversal. And it turns out - there was. In
helping her research it, I was surprised to find out that
reversal centers such as this Vasectomy Reversal Doctor
have success rates of up to 95%! I had no idea that the
success rates could be that high. Now this isn't saying
that she will get pregnant - this rate is for the
restoration of one million motile sperm... I wonder who
is in charge of counting??

So there is hope for her, but it won't come cheap. His
health insurance won't cover a Reverse Vasectomy and
I suspect most don't... They aren't sure if they are going
to go through the procedure yet, and are considering
adoption as well. Whichever they decide, I wish them
the best of luck.

As for me - our baby making days are OVER. LOL I
sometimes wish I would have had a daughter, but I
was blessed with two healthy boys and that's alright
with us...


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