Do You Dish?

As I sit here in my Dish Network DVR Bliss (really I
am not sure how I got along without it!) I was
wondering how many out there subscribe to similar
services. We have been subscribers to Dish Network
from over 7 years now, and I can't imagine going back
to regular cable. Or digital cable for that matter...

I wish they would have had sites like this one when
we joined though: Dish Network Satellite. Man! There
are some deals to be had on this site... When we joined
Dish Network was still in its infancy - there were no
free room installs, and extra receivers thrown in. We
felt lucky enough to have DVR capability. I am
embarrassed to say that my kids grew up being able to
rewind Network Television. They would go to their
friends' and relatives houses, see something on TV and
say, "Oooh! Rewind that!!".

Then they would give us this blank stare when we tried
to explain why they couldn't...

Anyway, this site has some GREAT deals if you are
looking into Dish Network as your satellite provider.
Some of the things they offer if you order through the
site are:

* Free 4 Room Install
* Free Activation
* Free HD DVR Upgrade (A MUST during Football Season! LOL)
* Free HBO & Cinemax for 3 Months
* Free HD Programming for 6 Months
* Many Other Specials

If these 2nd Party companies were around when we
first subscribed to Dish TV you bet we would have
gone through a site like this and save ALOT of $$.

Just thought I would pass the link on to those that were
thinking about it... :)


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