Splendid Life...

I came across a neat site the other day... It looks to be a
sister site from the makers of Splenda Sugar Substitute.

The site is called Splendid Life. The site is a cool site
that features lots of great resources and shopping for
Splenda, and Splenda related products. There are also
sections on Healthy Living, Entertaining, Family Fun,
and Special Offers.

Another great part of the site is the Cooking and Baking
- after all this is how we use Splenda right? The
Cooking and Baking section features a store with lots of
cool Splenda kitchen appliances. There are many great
little gadgets in this section. I want that rice cooker! :)
There are some great brands featured in the store.
Tried and true appliance brands such as Kitchenaid,
Zojirushi, and Krups are featured. There are also other
sections filled with other baking and cooking tools.

All in all, the site is a great store full of fun, quirky, and
unique gifts and products. These high end home decor
and fun kitchen appliance products would make great
gifts and add color and fun to your own home.

The site was a pleasant surprise - be sure and check it
out! :)


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