Can't Sleep... Super Bowl Rambling

Since I can't sleep, I thought I would write a little in here...

Dave is out of town, and I can never sleep well when he isn't here.  He'll be gone for two weeks.  No he's not TDY.  He is in Dallas.  For the Super Bowl.

And he is getting paid to be there!

That guy is soooo lucky when it comes to stuff like that!  LOL  He is working is butt off though.  I love talking to him every day and hearing about his day.  This is only the pre-event week, so I can't wait to hear about all his experiences during the hectic week of, and on game day.  He doesn't get a seat at the game, but he gets to be in the stadium to watch the game.  How cool is that? 

The tickets to this game are ridiculous!  I can't believe they are going for $2000 each!  The hotels (if you are lucky enough to find one) are gouging people's pockets.  I read somewhere that to tailgate and watch the game OUTSIDE the stadium costs $200.  Wah??  I think it would be an awesome experience, but I couldn't pay that kind of money to do it.  I'll just live vicariously through Dave I guess.  I am stoked that he gets to do it though.  It's a Bucket List item for him (though he'd rather it be the Giants playing).

I am even more stoked that he doesn't have to pay money to do it!

Triple stoked that they are paying him!  LOL

Today was a slow day (for both him and I).  It felt like it just dragged on and on...  Hopefully tomorrow won't be so bad.

I better get to bed and TRY to sleep or I will be hating life in tha AM...


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