In a Funk...

Ok, so maybe I was a little dramatic about Dave's escapades
that night... (Or maybe not, you should have SEEN the stuff
I wrote in my journal... LOL) I am over it. He hasn't made
a habit of it, and really I am not a meanie. He doesn't have
to stay locked up in his apartment pining over me...
Much. LOL

I am feeling the after effects of not getting enough sleep.
AACCCK. I hate feeling like this. Anyone know of any
good energy boosters? Well besides chocolate. Even though
it cures all ills, I am trying to be good and stick to my diet.

Speaking of my diet, I have lost 8 1/2 lbs. so far. I didn't go
to the gym today as my body HURTS from the punishment
I put it through yesterday... But I am determined to eat
good today to make up for it. Maybe a bath will help...

Or a nap. Yeah a nap sounds good... :)


EKENYERENGOZI Michael Chima said...

Have you heard of "Blufunk" by Keziah Jones?

Well, I hope you will get over the hangover before the Valentine's Day.

God bless.

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