Ups and Downs...

Hey guys,

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. Ours was pretty
low key, what with Dave being gone. He sent tulips to me at
home though... We also got to talk to each other on the phone
so that was good.

This week has been one of ups and downs...


The kids and I had our Valentine's Day over the weekend.
We went to IHOP for breakfast and spent the day together.
We ended up getting a fish (a Betta) who Jimmy suggested
we name Osi - after Osi Umenyiora #72 - Defensive End for
the New York Giants. LOL So a ended up bringing the
defensive end home with us...

I also got to go on a girls night out of shopping and dinner
in Ft. Collins - a much needed and welcome break.


A member of our family took her own life the day before
Valentine's Day. I am so sad... She was such a wonderful,
beautiful person. She was depressed and hurting - I can't
imagine what she must have been feeling or thinking. I
feel for her husband and children... I feel bad that I won't
be able to come back for her funeral.

So many questions unanswered... I just feel kinda numb
today ya know?


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