In a Mood...


It isn't ever a good thing when I start out with a sigh huh?

I am working on 3 hours of sleep (thanks to my freak of a
Chocolate Lab - long story)... Had to work, take care of
the kids, go grocery shopping, and all that jazz. All I wanted
to do was get in bed and go back to sleep...

Dave calls I tell him about my day (because apparently his
work email swallowed the email I sent him telling him all
about the hell of my day)... He is sympathetic. Of course
he is. Poor him gets to go out till God knows when tonight
and shoot pool with his fellas and then play golf tomorrow.

Yeah, that put me in a real good mood.

This TDY shit is for the birds man.


You know what my plans are? Sleep. After I get these
kids to bed...

Yeah real freakin' exciting.


Anonymous said...

I am a military wife as well. I am glad your hubby came home. Mine is on his 2nd tour in Iraq. It SUCKS!!! Next week will make a year since he left and he was supposed to come home in Oct. but he called yesterday and said he got orders to be extended so who knows when he will be home now. Anyway, thanks for all the "memories".

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