What are You Listening To?

I have been downloading some new music to my ipod - LOTS
of cool stuff out there!

Right now I am REALLY into Chris Daughtry's (yep the bald,
gorgeous, American Idol guy) old band, Absent Element...
Since seeing him last week do "Hemorrhage" by Fuel (I LOVE
Fuel....) I can't get enough of the guy. His band is heavy and the
lyrics very intense... I love this guy's gravelly voice. I can't wait
to see what he does tonight on Idol... This is the band's site:


I am also loving "You're Beautiful" and "Goodbye My Lover"
by James Blunt. He has been on my Ipod for a while... I just
love the whole unrequited love thing... He was on Oprah today
so I am sure the "Oprah Effect" will kick in and he'll go
platinum 62 times over... LOL

What are you all listening to?


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