New Week...

Holy cow I couldn't get into Blogger last night... Anyone
else have this problem? Kept timing out... Anyway...

73 days until Dave comes home. Yes I am counting! LOL
Almost half way there, geesh these days are going by very

I have been watching a whole lot more TV than I usually
do since he has been gone. I have an addiction for:

24 - OK this is normal. I love this show! It's on tonight.

American Idol - I am normally a casual watcher, but
after seeing Chris Daughtry ROCK the house I have to tune
in every week to see what he is singing next... I swear I
am going to buy his album when it comes out! LOL

House - Awesome show. Love Dr. House's character.
The plot is pretty good. Pity he couldn't get it together
with his ex-girlfriend. But then House wouldn't be House,

CSI - My FAVORITE show. I mostly TIVO this one,
watch it before I go to bed, and have crazy dreams.
Where I am in danger, but kick ass... LOL

Number 1 Single - I TIVO and watch this one too... I
am really starting to get into this one. Poor Lisa Loeb.
Makes me want to go find her a man. But then again,
it took me 25 years and a failed marriage to find the
good man I do have. YIKES. Good luck girl!!

Really though, I do more with my day than watch TV.

Really, I do! :)



Nicole said...

GREAT show list. I am a devoted watcher of both 24 and American Idol.

I used to be the world's biggest fan of CSI: but lately it hasn't been quite as entertaining as it was in the earlier seasons.

And House is still a great show though I've kinda slacked off on watching it lately... ;)

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