Going to Burst....

We are officially down to a week people! :) Dave comes home
one week from today. We are all soooooo excited to see him.
We are all really anxious for next Thursday to come!

I have been keeping busy. Been working out regularly. I am
not on Nutrisystem anymore, but am still eating like I am.
(does that make sense?) I have lost around 20 lbs since he
last saw me! He is going to be very surprised when he sees me.

I took up bellydancing for exercise and it has done wonders
for my midsection. I even learned a cool little routine... Dave
has another surprise for him when he comes home! LOL

I tossed all my size 12 clothes (I am never going to be wearing
them again) and went shopping for some new size 7/8 stuff.
That felt AWESOME. My goal is to be a size 6 by summer...

Wish me luck! :)



Chris said...

Great job on the weight loss. My wife started jazzercise about a month ago and she goes 8 times a week now.

I'll stick with my kick boxing and jiu jitsu:)

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Anonymous said...

So... are their pictures. This is the first time I have seen your blog-- and I love happy homecomings.

Mike Rubin said...

Best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. Diet and exercise is so hard. This is why I've gained back everything I lost on Weight Watchers and then some. *sigh*

So glad to hear your husband is coming home. Good luck to you both!

The Imaginary Diva said...

Congratulations on that wait lost. And you should put a video up on your "new" bellydancing technique.

Anonymous said...

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You should check out my forum. Tons of topics, I am sure one would catch your interest.


We have tons of TV forums, fun forums, photo forums. Just drop by and see. I bet you will signup :)

xianfu said...

good luck on bellydancing!!! interesting blog here...It got me addicted on reading it.. Keep it up.. leave me some comment too at my blog InvernoKL wanna have ur words on it.. :p take care, xian

Frances D said...

I found you on BlogExplosion.
I love reading posts like this - they give me a lift.
Happy Shopping Happy Homecoming

Don said...

So, where are you on your weight loss goal now that we are near the end of August?

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