Man - it has been very long since I updated... My apologies!
Dave got home and we have been spending alot of family
time... :)

Speaking of family time, Dave's family will be coming to
visit us this summer - we'll be busy busy busy! On the

Horseback Riding in Estes
A Rockies Baseball Game in Denver
Frontier Days in Cheyenne

And maybe some time in Fort Collins...

We also just found out that Dave has to leave again in

Dangit. :(


Aunt Julia said...

Hi, luv your blog and yes, it can get a bit tiring at times to update but still it is a joy to share our thoughts.

BZ said...

I just happened to be skimming random blogs and happened upon this one. My sister is active Navy as is my boyfriend (who's on deployment, 3 months down, a few more to go). Glad to see your hubby is home safe & sound.

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