Crazy Summer...

Well another long stretch of no blogging...

Summer has gone by at breakneck speed... We have been
all over the place in the last few weeks it seems. Dave's
family was here for two weeks and we did alot of traveling
and sightseeing...

With school about to start, it seemed things had finally settled
down a bit, then we got thrown for a loop.

We just found out Dave's Dad has stage 4 lung cancer.
This hit us out of nowhere... We thought he had a bad case
of larangytis, but it turns out that it is a tumor on his vocal
chords. Probable cause: smoking. We are devastated and
in shock. He is so young...

So we are going to be flying up to see him the beginning of
September. We are praying for him and praying for a

Hubby has been taking it hard, the kids don't know what to
make of it yet. All we can do is wait right now. And pray.


Anonymous said...

Praying works. It helped me. Best wishes for your family.

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